Why Regular Pet Grooming Is More Important Than You Think

Why Regular Pet Grooming Is More Important Than You Think

muddy lab From the way that our furry family members snuggle into our laps, sneak us cold-nosed kisses, and twine around our legs, it certainly appears that the relationship between pets and people is one of mutual adoration. Our cats and dogs are pros at sharing their feelings with us, so to return the favor, one of the most helpful ways to demonstrate our love for them is to keep them looking fantastic and feeling their very best. Although the phrase ‘pet grooming’ may bring a picture of a manicured and pampered poodle into your mind, many pet lovers actually underestimate the true importance of keeping their cat and dog friends well-groomed – there are far more benefits to pet pampering than making them look lovely! Caring regularly for your pet’s coat, ears, nails and teeth can be an important part of detecting, and yes, even preventing some common medical problems, believe it or not. Cats and dogs often have very different needs when it comes to bathing, brushing and trimming. Our canine companions tend to joyfully gravitate towards muck, mud, and smelly substances, so they often need more frequent grooming care to remove dirt, tangles and dead hair. Cats are more fastidious creatures, but long-haired felines and outdoor cats may still need a helping paw with their hygiene routine! Keeping your pet’s coat clean, brushed and free of mats helps them to regulate their body temperature more efficiently. Cared-for skin and fur allow your pet to move around freely and comfortably, too (a particularly important benefit for our senior furry friends). Your pet’s teeth, nails and ears also need regular TLC, so don’t forget to include them into your grooming routine. Smelly, red ears or dark discharge might be a sign that your four-legged friend needs some medical attention, while overgrown nails can cause discomfort and posture changes for your pet as they walk. Finally, changes in your pet’s skin and coat condition are usually signals that something’s just not right with your dog or cat, and grooming sessions are often when skin lumps, joint pain, or other problems are noticed. For owners that have a hard time keeping on top of their pet’s care, or who don’t want to deal with the fuss and muss themselves, a professional groomer is the best resource for keeping your furry family members in top shape from nose to tail. Mobile grooming services like the one we provide for our clients here at Wagging Tails are highly requested by our clients, since we can accommodate their busy schedules and special requests as needed. Did you know that we provide clipping, furminator de-shedding, coat & skin remoisturizing treatments, de-skunking, and flea baths?  This convenient and close-to-home option is also perfect for anxious dogs and cats – they can relax in experienced hands during their grooming sessions without the stress of a car ride, cage, or other noisy pets in the salon. Regular grooming is vital for your pet’s good health, and caring for your pet’s outward appearance is our pleasure!


  1. I couldn’t agree with more with this article. I have to say,that animal dental hygiene seems to be the most neglected aspect of pet care. My friend’s poor dog had to have quite a lot of her teeth pulled out a couple years ago due to them never caring for her teeth. Having a happy, comfortable pet is wonderful! Having them look great is just a plus.

  2. I honestly never had any idea that pet grooming was so important! If I could help prevent sickness by taking my dog to get groomed, that would be really great! It makes sense that if they don’t get groomed, they can have many more germs in their fur. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Gary Puntman says:

    I’ve never really thought about how grooming cats and dogs can help detect or prevent medical problems. This does make sense though. My dog can get pretty dirty when she goes outside. I always wonder what kind of diseases she has possibly gathered because of this. I guess it really is important to keep her groomed and clean so I can keep her, and even me, free from illnesses.

  4. I knew grooming was good for health, but I didn’t realize it was so essential. I think it’s important to make sure that they don’t have any sorts of infections or diseases. I hadn’t considered the fact that keeping them clean makes it easier to identify those diseases, though. That’s a pretty good reason for regularly grooming a pet, so that you can stay on top of any health treatments they might need.

  5. I absolutely agree with you, grooming is very important for the well-being of your pet! Many people forget about it or just do it themselves from time to time. But the thing is, a professional will know exactly what your pet needs and will clean and wash it in the best way. My puppy is always very happy after I take her to a grooming salon!

  6. We have just bought a new puppy and we want to make sure that we take care of her as best as we can. Thank you for you article, as we are new to this whole thing and maybe underestimated how much pet grooming is needed. As you said, these types of grooming can help prevent common medical problems before they become a bigger problem. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Thanks for this reminder! I usually do a good job staying on top of my dog’s hair grooming needs, but I always forget to take care of her nails and ears. I recently started a new job so I’m much busier than I was before so I think I actually might end up sending her to the groomer periodically just because I know that if I do that, all her grooming needs will be remembered and addressed. How often would you recommend I plan on sending her in?

  8. Yes, I completely agree with you. Not only is pet grooming necessary for the sake of their skin health but their dental hygiene is so important. Just like humans. My cat loves being groomed and bathed! She lives for it. However, my dog hates it. He is a tiny yorky and he will make you chase him before you put him in the bath!

  9. Thanks so much for this post! I recently lost my yellow lab, and she used to get up to the worst kind of muddy trouble. She actually looked just like the puppy featured here. Thanks for the memory and for the information you shared.

  10. I have a small Cocker Spaniel, and she is the joy of our family. However, I have never owned a dog before, so I am a little lost when it comes to grooming. I didn’t know that taking care of her teeth and ears was something I should be doing, but I will definitely ask my veterinarian about that next time I go in. Thanks!

  11. I agree with you that regular pet grooming can keep your pets healthy. You say that it can prevent common medical problems. For me, it’s just like us not taking a bath or ever cleaning ourselves. We would be bound to get an infection if we never showered!

  12. I agree, knowing my pet’s grooming needs is important to help keep them healthy. It seems like keeping my pet’s fur clean can help prevent fleas, but I didn’t know that it can do more than that. It’s interesting that keeping my cat’s coat clean and brushing it can help regulate body temperature more efficiently. I didn’t know that brushing my cat’s coat regularly can do that for her. It’s important to me that she’s able to regulate her body temperature, so I’ll do more to brush her fur every day. Thanks for the tips!

  13. I agree that pet grooming is crucial to their health. I remember when our dog came to the door looking just like the dog in this picture did. We had to clean her and bath her a lot. Keeping her clean and healthy was a chore sometimes, but well worth it.

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