How To Choose The Right Dog Crate For Your Puppy

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So you are looking for a dog crate and you want the highest quality you can get for the best price. What options are available to you, and what are the pro’s and con’s of the various types of dog crate…
First, let’s look at the black epoxy coated crates. They look great when they are new, but they chip so easily and tend to look old after only a few uses. Let’s be honest, if you are spending good money then you will want real value for your money and not something that is going look used within a short period of time.
Second, let’s consider those plastic bases that some companies put in the crates. Plastic bases often crack, and split and dogs often chew them. So in reality, there is no advantage to a plastic base except for possibly saving the manufacturer a little money on material and labor costs.
Third, there is chrome for cages – they look great, at first and then you find they also chip and flake because chrome is just another coating. Be aware that the flaking chrome if ingested by a dog could make them sick. In fact you don’t really see many chrome ones around these days which is a good thing. So what are you left with?
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Well you are left with galvanized crates. These are by far the best option, and the top quality galvanized crates have the following features:
• Galvanized for non-rust long lasting
• Polished finish
• Anti-tamper locks
• Very heavy gauge mesh frame
• Metal tray that can’t be chewed and wont split or crack
• Assembles in three moves
• Wont chip or flake
• Lasts for years
• Slide out tray
• Wholesale Prices
The major difference between types of galvanized dog crates is the gauge of the mesh used. If you opt for the beautiful dog crates that are now made to look like a piece of furniture in your home (and why wouldn’t they? since we have cribs for babies, and our dogs are like our children!) be sure that even though these look great, they are SAFE and DURABLE for your pet. The wire should be galvanized and the wood should be safely treated in case your pooch tries to ingest it.
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Dog Crates, dog cages, kennels, whatever you call them, offer an effective way to housebreak puppies, keep your pets safe either at home or away. Some crates now offer an innovative build and design that allows simple assembly and disassembly in seconds and are galvanized which prevents against rust and deterioration and is safe for your dog – this means they will look great for many years to come. When not in use, the cage/crate folds flat for easy transport and storage.
Finding a dog crate that fits your needs includes not only being aesthetically pleasing, built safe to last, and the correct SIZE for your pet. Your dog must be able to stand up, turn around in a circle, and lie down, stretched out inside of the cage, without his paws or toes fitting thru the bars. Keep this in mind when buying a new crate for your small puppy. What size will they be in a few months? A larger crate can and should be divided while your pup is small. It should be a space they can grow INTO and not OUT of.
Finally, a dog crate should not be used as a “time out” area for your dog. It should be a positive reinforcement for good behavior, a place where they can safely relax, a place for them to call their own, a place where they WANT to go into on their own!  So, when introducing your pup to a crate, be sure to put a treat or two, a favorite safe toy and an old tshirt that smells like you in it. Then their crate will surely be a place they WANT to be!

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is an award winning company of 22 years. We firmly believe that a dog crate can help to properly house train and keep your pup safe, healthy and happy. Feel free to contact us to discuss your pet’s care, dog walking, pet sitting, mobile grooming, cat sitting, puppy potty training, overnight sitting, housesitting, and so much more in over 35 towns in Connecticut.
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A Wagging Tail – What Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You?

Is a wagging tail a sign of joy?

What is your dog trying to tell you?pup

Is barking a form of language among dogs with precise significance, or just playful noise?

Dogs exchange information among themselves less by voice than by a wide range of facial expressions, body postures and gestures, as well as by various scents. Dogs, who bark at night, are probably working off excess energy or announcing their presence, and this is undoubtedly the only message conveyed to other dogs within ear shot.

When a dog goes to his owner and deliberately barks, it is simply meant to attract attention. You must try to guess his general behavior, rather than from the circumstances and his general behavior, rather than from the particular form or pitch of bark he makes. The howling or baying of hunting dogs is an instinctive hunting cry informing the pack that the dog is on a trail. Barking at strange noises is a warning as well as a threat display.
A lonely dog who howls may be sending out a gathering cry to other dogs nearby. Wild dogs on the other hand, never bark, they only howl. Could the barking of domesticated dogs be a form of communication more closely resembling speech? A pet dog that shares a close relationship with his owner and has been taught to understand many words obviously makes an effort, sometimes quite successfully, to give meaning to his own utterances.
A dog who wishes to assert his importance and boldness instinctively employs all of the effects that make him look bigger and more frightening, raising his back to increase his height and holding his head high in defiance.
A dog who wants to show submission does just the opposite, making himself look small by crouching down with his tail between his legs and his ears laid back flat.
A dog who wishes to assert his dominance will take a perpendicular position with his head over the other dog’s shoulders, while nudging or pushing, with his neck arched, head and tail raised and tense. The conventional play invitation is a posture with the forehead crouched, the hind quarters high, a wagging tail, bright eye and a little yap. A rigid stance with a steady gaze and a high, trembling tail is hostile. A high, steady tail signifies self confidence, and held low indicates inferiority, fatigue, ill health, or a bad mood.
Pawing at the neck is an expression of affection, nose-nudging is another invitation to play. Paw-giving is a conventional canine gesture with two possible meanings. When he gives his paw to his owner while avoiding eye contact he’s saying “Please forgive me” or when he wants attention, he is saying “I’m here, don’t forget me.” When he offers his paw to another dog, it’s a sign of submission.
An owner, who takes the trouble to observe his dog and pay him the courtesy of listening to him, can establish a simple two-way communications system with his pet. Canine messages are generally very elementary, as he asks much less of us than we do of him. “I’m hungry,” “I’m thirsty”, “I need to go out”, or “Come with me I think something is wrong” are among the messages he manages to convey very well considering his limited means. His most eloquent utterance is the emotional gurgle of barks that means to say “I’ve missed you!”
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Why Professional Pet Sitting Is A Better Choice Than A Kennel Or Dog Day Care

Here’s the #1 reason Professional Pet Sitting in your home, is a better choice than a Kennel or Dog Day Care

Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Service in Connecticut is sharing this information with all CT pet parents as a courtesy.  Your pet’s health and safety has been our #1 priority for the 21 years that we have been caring for CT’s pets.  With the recent outbreak of a deadly canine infectious disease in a CT kennel, we offer this information, so that YOU, the loving pet parent know that you do have a choice in your pet’s care!

There are MANY reasons why hiring a Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker is a better alternative for your pet, than taking them to a dog day care, kennel, bed and barkfast, pet spa, etc. No matter what they call it, it’s NOT home.  For a complete list of reasons why you should consider a Professional Pet Sitter over a facility, visit Why Choose Us.

There’s no place like home for your pet, with a Wagging Tails Professional Pet Sitter and/or Mobile Groomer!

The #1 reason is…that there’s NO place like home. That there is no place as safe, secure for your pet, where your pet will remain healthy and happy, than your OWN home is the #1 reason! When your pet visits a pet care facility or dog park, of any kind, your pets are exposed to diseases, infections, fleas, ticks and other parasites that other pets carry.  (Not to mention the fights that break out amongst dogs, that could cause severe injuries to your own pet).  We are confident that your pet is safest, healthiest and HAPPIEST right in their own home, with a Wagging Tails Pet Sitter. Please continue reading the news from NBC CT below for more information about CT’s deadly outbreak of an infectious disease.  And, next time you have to go away, or plan a long day at work, contact us to care for your pets!

For more information you can also visit Pet Kennel vs. Pet Sitter: What’s Best For Your Pet?

The information below is from NBCConnecticut.comWagging Tails Mobile Grooming in CT

There has been a severe respiratory infection outbreak at a large kennel in Windsor, the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association announced.

One dog that presenting fever, pneumonia and epistaxis has already died at the , the CVMA said. Tests for the dog came up negative for canine influenza and other tests are pending.

The co-owner of Day Hill Kennels in Windsor confirmed with NBC Connecticut that it had been affected by some type of infection.

“Our first notice that there was a problem going on was a week ago essentially and we were notified customers of ours after they took their dogs home some of the dogs developed a cough,” Roger Ball, the co-owner, told NBC Connecticut.

Ball said the infection was in an isolated area of the kennel where there were 30 dogs. He noticed about a third of them developing symptoms of the respiratory infection.

To the CVMA’s knowledge, no other veterinary hospitals are treating cases and the incident seems to be isolated to the facility.

Dogs from the Windsor kennel are currently being treated at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center in Middletown and New England Veterinary Center in Windsor, the association said.

welcome home mattA vet told NBC Connecticut tells dog owners that if they board their pet or keep them at a daycare, to be on the look out for symptoms.

The warning is keeping Fidelco, a guide dog foundation, said it will be keeping its dogs out of public areas amid the infectious outbreak.

Fidelco said symptoms of the infection include coughing, wheezing, running nose, weepy eye, blood in cough or stool.

NBC Connecticut reached out to the state Department of Agriculture:

“The CT Dept. of Agriculture is assisting in the investigation of an incidence of a canine respiratory illness at a commercial dog kennel in Windsor.

Dept. of Agriculture State Veterinarian Dr. Mary J. Lis is working with veterinarians at Day Hill Kennel, where one dog died and six others became ill.

A necropsy is being conducted on the deceased dog, and tests are being conducted on the others to identify the illness, and to determine its cause.

Lis said the illness appears to be isolated to the facility and the ill dogs have been given antibiotics, which has reduced symptoms of fever they were exhibiting.”

And the following info is from Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Service LLC in Connecticut

Although this may be considered an isolated incident, please be aware that pets can contract these illnesses at dog parks, day cares, and any other facilities that pet’s share space. If your pet exhibits any signs of illness, please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or bring your pet to the nearest emergency veterinary center.

The next time you plan a vacation, staycation, work a long day, or need your pet cared for, contact us!

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