Puppy potty training


black lab puppy


 See that face?

That adorable, black lab, puppy face?

That’s the face that started it all!

“Over 20 years ago, right after I graduated from Syracuse University, and moved to the big city of Boston, to start my career in corporate America- I decided that I was ready, on my own, to fulfill my lifelong dream of having my very own black lab puppy. Little did I know then, what WORK it would be to raise a puppy, especially while working full time, in a big city! Bella, as she was aptly named, is the reason Wagging Tails is here today. She and I took the step together to start this venture.  Right after I quit my corporate job, and was having a bit of a panic attack, I looked at Bella and said…”Well, there’s no turning back now. We’re in this together. What are we going to call our adventure?” Bella’s adorable little face looked up at me and she wagged her tail. And the rest is history…”  Krista Cugno Lofquist Owner & Top Dog


“Our founder and mascot–Bella !”

Wagging Tails Pet Sitting Service

was started over two decades ago because of the needs of a darling little puppy. And the needs of my neighbor’s puppy. And their coworker’s puppies….you get the picture…. My Bella, grew into a healthy, well socialized, happy, loyal, loving, true friend. She was my business partner for over 13 years, and my best friend from the day I met her. Wagging Tails staff and I, want to help you and your puppy, share a long, healthy, happy life together, too!

Over 20 years later, Wagging Tails Pet Sitters STILL have puppies to walk. Because puppies are adorable, and they promise to be your constant companion and true friend, without ever saying a word!

But, let’s face it, puppies are a lot of work!

  • Did you just get a new puppy?
  • Are thinking about getting a puppy? puppychewing
  • Do work long hours?
  • Will you be gone for longer than 3 hours on, say, a shopping trip?

Puppies need a lot of exercise and attention. And with small bladders comes shortened periods of time that your puppy won’t pee! Wagging Tails Pet Sitters will make sure your new best friend gets adequate potty breaks in your absence.  There’s no need to run home on your lunch hour or right after work. Our convenient Puppy Potty Training visits will give you a break as a pet parent AND will provide your new pup with the potty breaks they need! We provide that and so much more! Our visits will aid your pet in socializing in a consistent, healthy, safe environment. Let us help you crate train, potty train, and leash train your puppy, while you are at work. 
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