Pet Waste Removal…aka…Poop Scooping!

Too Pooped to Scoop?  Too busy to pick up after your dog as much as you would like? Everyone is busy and needs time to relax when the work day is done. Why not give Wagging Tails Pet Waste Removal Service a call and let someone else do the dirty work! Services are offered on, weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly basis. We are always available to service condominium complexes, commercial and large properties.

Why use Wagging Tails Pet Waste Removal Service?

  • Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins the appearance of your property, attracts disease-carrying pests, and can offend the neighbors- not to mention endanger the health of your pets and your family.

  • Wagging Tails Pet Waste Removal Service will make your life much easier with complete clean up and removal of canine waste from your yard.

  • Wagging Tails eliminates the one unpleasant aspect of sharing your life with a dog… because you have better things to do with your time!

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Pet Waste Removal Benefits:

Pet Waste left to accumulate in any area can be dangerous to your pet’s health. According to dogs will walk through it, sniff it, roll around in it, and sometimes even eat it. Unfortunately, our 4 legged friends pick-up deadly diseases from this. The following are some diseases that could affect your dog if pet waste is left to accumulate.

Parvo Virus – A deadly virus that enters your pet orally. This virus causes extreme fluid loss and can lead to death.

Whipworms – These worms reside in the large intestine. Eggs are found within feces, and can live in moist soil for years.

Hookworms – These worms are blood suckers found in the intestines. Hookworms can be transmitted to humans.

Roundworms – These worms can affect your dog’s breathing and digestion.

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