Overnight pet care


Yes…we will sleep with your pets!

  • Does the thought of leaving your pet home alone, at night, send waves of guilt through your heart? 
  • Does the thought of bringing your pet to a strange facility, to sleep in a strange cage, with other strange pets, cause YOU to lose sleep at night? 
  • Does your dog not get along with other dogs, in a cage free facility?
  • Would you enjoy your vacation a little more knowing that your pet sitter was staying with your pet, and snuggling up with them, for 10 or more hours at a time?

Wagging Tails overnight pet sitting is your answer!

This is our tailor made pet sitting option for ALL PETS who need a little extra attention (or who just prefer to have a snuggle buddy all night!), and for pet parents who would prefer not to lose any sleep!  Your Wagging Tails Pet Sitter will spend the night in your home, with all of it’s familiar scents, sounds, beds and sofas – to give your pet a relaxing evening (and morning) while you’re away.  We also keep your home looked “lived in” for added security when you’re out of town. Overnight pet sitting includes the evening and morning routines, which eliminates the need for individual AM and PM visits, and the additional cost of these visits. It’s all included!

Pets relaxing