Pet Sitting

There’s no place like home!

Really, there isn’t, right?!

You consider your pet, part of your family. And where is your family happiest?… At home. We understand the bond that you have with your pet. We understand how hard it is to leave your pet behind. So, when you have to leave your pet, leave them right at home, in our care. The place where they are happiest, healthiest and safest. With us, Wagging Tails Pet Sitters, the pet care professionals, who will treat your pet as part of the family too.

Pets relaxing
Wagging Tails pet care professionals, are recognized as the BEST in Connecticut. Our 20+ years experience as CT’s premier pet sitting service, combined with our genuine love for all creatures big and small, and our outstanding customer service, are just a few of the many reasons why you can count on us.

Your pets are going to love the tlc, the personalized one on one, consistent care, and never ending belly rubs from us. And you’re going to love the peace of mind you will have, knowing your pets are in great hands!

From hamsters to horses…we care for them all!

What we provide for your pets on each visit:

    • One on one love and attention to each pet
    • Walks to promote health and burn energy
    • Playtime with their favorite toys or games
    • Maintenance of their regular feeding routines
    • Fresh water and clean bowls at each visit
    • Administering and necessary medications
    • Litter box scooped and kept fresh and clean
    • Bring in your mail and newspapers
    • Water your plants and/or garden
    • Bring in/take out trash
    • Rotate lights and blinds to give home a “lived in” look
    • Check that doors and windows are secure
    • Regular text/picture updates on how your fur kids are doing
    • and so much more!!!

MailPhone text Plants trash

Personalized one on one, consistent care, in the comfort of your own home, provided by a bonded, insured, award winning pet sitting service….