Grooming Services

Every pet receives our 15 Step Spa Treatment

                                right inside our Mobile Grooming Van:

  • clean eyes
  • clip nailsGroom before and after Georgia
  • brush out knots and debris
  • shampoo in warm, heated, fresh water
  • massage in hydro surge tub
  • first rinse in hydro surge tub
  • clean ears
  • wipe teeth
  • brush out loose hair
  • 2nd rinse in hydro surge
  • blow dry by hand( no drying cages!)
  • towel dry the face
  • brush and style
  • deodorize w/ special finishing spray
  • bow or bandana… AND of course, your pet gets a treat and lots of lovin!

   groom before and after Sophiemax before and after          

Prices are breed specific and are based upon the condition of your pet’s coat, frequency of groom, and their temperament. Please contact us for more information. There are so many easy and convenient ways to reach us to discuss your pet’s needs and to book a groom appointment. Complete the convenient contact form to the right, or leave us a message using the microphone on the right, or call us directly at (860) 621-7387, OR click this button!                                          Subscribe to our blog

Additional services offered:

  • Breed specific clip Clipping or hand scissoring your pet’s coat to breed standards
  • Shavedown – Clipping your pet’s coat very short(either for climate conditions, flea/tick problems or moderate to severe matting)
  • Puppy Cut – Clipping your pet’s coat to a uniform length all over
  • Sanitary Clip – Shaving under the belly and around the rear end allowing your pet to go to the bathroom in a more sanitary manner
  • Lion cut – clipping cat’s fur to remove matting and resembling a lion’s mane
  • Special Shampoo – Flea and Tick, Oatmeal, Medicated Baths, etc.furminator golden
  • “Paw”dicure -We offer a variety of nail polish to satisfy every mood
  • Deskunk baths
  • Frontline/Biospot Flea and Tick Application – These products need to be applied to the animals coats every thirty days for best results
  • Dremel – An alternative to nail clipping where the nails are shortened using a Dremel tool rather than a nail clipper
  • Anal Gland Extraction – Some dogs especially smaller ones require or need to get this gland in the tush area emptied. It can be bothersome and if left for too long can become impacted and can require a visit to your veterinarian.
  • Furminator Deshedding– SEE PHOTO-a thorough brush out using special tools, if done every 4-6 weeks, removes pets undercoat.[clear]

 Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming award winning, skilled groomers, come to your home in our fully equipped, mobile grooming van. There are so many reasons to try our service! Your pets will love how they feel and you will love how they look!

  muddy labSkunk-with-Dog