FAQ pet sitting


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 What type of pets do you care for?

Big and small, we care for them all. From hamsters to horses, our pet care staff has experience in caring for all types of pets.

Why should I use a pet sitter instead of boarding my pet at a kennel?

  • Reduced stressYour pet remains in their own familiar, secure setting.
  • Diet and ExerciseA normal diet and routine are followed. Daily walks are part of our service. Exercise serves as a mischief deterrent and is good for your dogs health. It is also and important way to alleviate separation anxiety.
  • No travel traumaTraveling to a family member or friend’s house, or to a boarding facility will upset your pet.
  • Health and Well-beingLess exposure to illness of other animals when your pet stays in its own environment.
  • Loving CareYour pet receives personalized attention and love while you are away.
  • Benefits for your ConvenienceYou won’t need to spend time transporting your pet to and from another location.
  • Peace of MindYou can enjoy time away from home knowing your pet is being cared for by a professional who will put your pet’s needs first.
  • SecurityWe alter lights, close blinds and take in your newspaper to give your home that “lived in” look.
  • For more reasons click here

Why should I hire a REAL professional pet sitter and not a neighbor, family member, etc?

Your neighbors may have the best intentions, but WE have the professional skills, bonding and insurance….Pixie&Nika

  • Trained Professionals– with experience in handling and caring for pets of all types.
  • Thorough criminal background checking and employment references are completed by management.
  • Bonded and insured. Should any unfortunate circumstances arise, your pets are in the hands of a legally formed company.
  • Reputation-our glowing reviews and 20 years, speak for itself.
  • Reliability– ever wonder what would happen if your neighbor didn’t show up? We are contracted professionals, dedicated and reliable.
  • Honesty and integrity are vital to our organization. Only experienced pet care givers are hired here.
  • Why would you leave your best friends care in the hands of anyone other than a professional?!

Why use a pet sitter for regular midday walks vs. doggie day care?

We feel that all pets, any age, and their established routines at home, are necessary for their health and well being. Your pets routine should not be disturbed. They are exposed to “dominant breeds”, fights, fleas, ticks, diseases including kennel cough. By participating in doggie day care, you are risking their well-being, health and comfort. Having a professional pet sitter come to your home is second to having you there, and is a great alternative to day care. Not to mention, so much more convenient than driving your pet to and from a facility each day!

 flower doggieWhat are your fees?

Our rates per visit are all inclusive of our services.  This means there are no additional fees for administering medicine, for bringing in the mail, watering plants, etc.

Do you come to my house or do my pets go to your home?

We do not offer pet sitting services in our homes.  Our main service is offering care in your home. By allowing your pets to stay in your home, you are placing less mental and emotional stress on your pets when you leave home, compared to placing them in a boarding kennel.  In your home they will be surrounded by familiar sounds, smells, and surroundings, which will also minimize the effects of separation anxiety.  When you ask one of our pet sitters to visit your home you also have the benefit of a home with a “lived-in” look.  Our sitter will be happy to rotate blinds, alternate lights, and bring in the mail for an added sense of security. (at no additional charge)

What is included in the visit?

The visit will include everything needed to ensure that your pets are safe, secure, and engaged while you are away.  For dogs, this may include walks, playtime, fresh water, brushing, feeding, tummy rubs, and lots of love.  For cats, we take care of the litter box  maintenance, playtime, feeding, fresh water, and lots of cuddles.  We will also administer medications as needed.  Complimentary home maintenance is also included which may involve bringing in the newspapers, mail, watering plants, rotating lights, blinds etc.  If you have a pet other than a dog or cat, just let us know what you need and we will be happy to accommodate!

How many times a day will you visit? And at what times?

The number of visits we come per day is completely up to you!  We require at least 2 visits per day for dogs unless the dog has indoor/outdoor access, but recommend three and will require at least once every other day visitation for cats.  If you would like us to come once, twice, or three times a day, it is up to you. We are flexible!  We also offer a great overnight option in which we will sleepover with your pets.  We are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, and our normal hours for visits are 7am – 10pm.  However if you have special needs for your pets outside of those hours we will do our best to accommodate.

I actually need someone to visit my pup mid-day while I’m at work. Do you offer that?petting a dog

Yes we do!  Check out our Puppy Potty Training Service for some great discounted rates for clients who book monthly.

How do I book Wagging Tails pet sitting visits?

Click here. You can request services online 24/7 when you are logged on to our website.  You can also call us at 860 621-PETS(7387) or email us your request.  If you leave a message before 3pm or send an online request you can always expect a timely reply on the same business day.  Our online scheduling system allows you to easily request visits with a few clicks of the mouse.  We know you lead a life on the go, so we try to make pet care as easy and straightforward as possible!

 Will I always have the same sitter each time I book services?

We know what great buddies your pets will become with their pet sitter, so it is always our goal to keep you with your same primary sitter each time you book services.  However, in case you request services when your normal sitter isn’t available, sick, or injured, rest assured that our other staff members are just as fabulous as the one your pet has come to know and love.

paypal-verifiedWhen and how do I pay for services?

We require payment at the time of service. We accept all cash, checks, all major credit cards and Paypal.

How far in advance do I need to reserve visits?

For new clients, contact us about a week in advance of your trip so that we can arrange a visit to your home to meet your pets and discuss their care.  Once you are a client, we understand that last minute emergencies or opportunities, may require you to leave your pet. We offer our services 365 days per year. So we can accommodate any last minute requests. Additional last minute service fees do apply.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes we do. It is outlined in your service contract, and we are happy to discuss it at length with you.

How do you handle my keys?

We require 2 sets of keys to your home. Most clients have us keep their keys on file,  so we are always ready for future service at a moments notice. We are happy to return your keys and pick them up for each period of service. Additional fees apply.

Will you come every other day?

For the safety of your pet, and the security of your home, no, we do not come every other day.

Can I call, text and email to get updates on my pets?Kristin lukas photo2

Of course! We understand that as a pet parent you are concerned about them.  We promptly respond to all clients inquiries about their pets. Most of our staff send text and photo updates to pet parents.

Do you administer medications or give insulin injections?

Yes! Our staff are trained in Pet CPR & First Aid. We are all experienced in administering pills, drops, ointments, and subcutaneous injections. Several part time staff members are veterinary technicians!

What if an emergency delays my pet sitter?

The benefit of hiring our service, is that if one staff member is detained or delayed, we have about 19 other staff, ready, willing and able to get to your pet!

What do I do if my dog has never been left alone before or suffers from separation anxiety?

Many dogs experience separation anxiety. In extreme cases medication is needed, but in most cases exercise will help to alleviate their anxiety.  A break in the day with a visit by a Wagging Tails Pet Sitter provides the exercise, focus and stress relief these animals need.


Wagging Tails Pet Sitters and Mobile Groomers understand wholeheartedly that you may have more questions and concerns. We are happy to take the time to answer them all with you personally. Please feel free to give us a call. We can discuss, at length, your pet’s care and needs.

Thank you for your consideration.