Drive like your pet lives here!

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Wagging Tails Pet Sitting and Mobile Grooming Service is campaigning for driver’s to


Pet Sitters and Mobile Groomers are on the road all the time. And while traveling, we see it all. Accidents, speeders, road rage, texting while driving. All too often in our days, we see deceased or injured animals that were hit by cars. In an effort to promote safe driving and pet safety, we’ve created these thought provoking, foot on the brake inspiring, attractive signs. For our pet’safety, our children’s safety, and to spare the life of a poor squirrel, perhaps traffic will slow down for our “pet’s sake!”

“Drive like your pet lives here” our trademarked phrase, adorns 18″x24″ yard signs, lawn signs, and posters. You can order your yard sign (that comes with metal stand, and shipping is included too) for $19.99.  We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. Bulk orders and Fundraising orders accepted.

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 They are, after all, the inspiration…….