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pet sitter Cheshire CTIn business 23 years!

 What it takes to be

 a tail wagger,

at Wagging Tails!

It takes a different breed of person to provide stellar pet care and to become a Wagging Tails Pet Care Specialist – a title we use to describe our professional pet sitters, kennel attendants, daycare attendants, spaw staff and mobile groomers. I know that it takes a special person, a perfect fit, a different breed,  to dedicate their days, to care for your very special pets, while upholding the high standards and values, that Wagging Tails was founded on, over 20 years ago.

Sure, we’re all animal lovers here. That’s the easy part and comes naturally to all of us. But, to become a Wagging Tails Pet Care Specialist,  an animal lover must prove themselves worthy of that title. Not just anyone can become a part of our team. You are placing your trust in ME, as the owner of this service, to find the BEST for your BEST friend. That is why I consider each member of our team, a direct extension of myself. They represent all the values, the integrity, pride and professionalism that this company was founded on. They are entrusted with the care of your best friend, your family member, at your home, or at our facility, your pet’s home, away from home. So, as a prerequisite, each member of our Wagging Tails team has undergone an extensive interview, background checking process. Each Wagging Tails team member has passed a checklist of attributes, experiences and training, before being invited to join our team.    See our Award Winning Team of Professional Pet Care Specialists below!

  • Resumes and applications are reviewed, the best of the bunch are chosen for interviews, during which the owner and Office Managers assess the applicant based on our 20 years of knowledge, of what it takes to be an asset to our team.
  • Then reference checking, criminal background checking, driver’s license checks are all performed.
  • Your Wagging Tails pet caregivers must, not only exhibit an over the top adoration for all critters, they must have experience caring for them.
  • Now comes the hard part….your pets sitters spend time traveling from home to home, so a great sense of direction and the ability to follow directions, both on the road and in your home are necessary.
  • Your sitters don’t mind ANY weather. Because like the postal service, in any weather, we have to be there, for your pets. So when it’s -2 degrees, and you are home snuggling on your sofa with your pup, chances are, that a Wagging Tails Pet Sitter is out there, walking a dog, and caring for a pet, who’s at home, while their owner is away.
  • On those days that it pours buckets in and hour?….Yup, we’re out there, driving in it and letting your dogs out for a much needed potty break.wagging Tails pet sitter cheshire ct
  • Your sitters are morning, noon and night people. Because, yes, when you go away, your dog needs to be visited morning, noon and night…right? It takes a dedicated person to commit to those work hours. Wagging Tails Pet Sitters do.
  • Your sitters must know how to remain calm in any situation. Because, when they enter a home, and have 30 seconds to turn an alarm off, but first have to hop over a baby gate, while being jumped on by a Great Dane, or two, and tripping over a water bowl and a kitty, and making it up the stairs, to get to the alarm pad…it gets a little crazy!
  • Your sitters don’t mind getting covered in pet fur or slobber, and they certainly don’t mind picking up poop. Because, let’s face it, this isn’t the most glamorous job out there! BUT…it is the most rewarding. It really, really is.
  • To your Wagging Tails Pet Sitter, there is no better feeling than walking into your home and being greeted by wagging tails and purrs. Talk about being appreciated at work!…That’s a warm greeting at the office to us!
  • When we are at your home, loving your pet, we know that we truly are appreciated by them.  But, it’s US who adore and appreciate THEM.
  • Your Wagging Tails Pet Sitters & Mobile Groomers, appreciate and love your pet, truly enjoy caring for them, and take great pride in their work.

That being said, we understand that not everyone is purrfect. We institute a mandatory trial period for all of our new team members. On the rare occasion that our clients ever feel that any of our staff, including our veterans, are not upholding our high standards, we most certainly want to know.  We will do everything we can to provide your pet with exemplary, excellent, outstanding purrfect pet care! Thank you for your consideration~Krista Cugno Lofquist, Owner & Top Dog

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