Why choose us?

All pet care providers are not alike.

We would like to provide you with this pet care comparison chart, so you can see for yourself how Wagging Tails Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming Service is the best choice for your pet’s care. We know that reputable pet care providers do exist in all pet care categories, however, many of them do not fulfill ALL of your needs. With the growing population of websites that advertise random individuals who are offering part time, side job, hobby pet care, we want to remind you to do your homework. Hire a REAL professional pet sitter and a REAL professional pet groomer.

Your pet deserves the BEST care!


Services offered/Policies

Wagging Tails LLC


Independent Person

Kennel/Dog Daycare

20 years in business Yes No ? ?
Award winning services Yes No No ?
CT registered, licensed co. Yes No ? ?
24 hour pet care Yes ? ? ?
Available 365 days Yes No ? ?
For ALL pets(fish too!) Yes ? ? No
In your home(familiar place) Yes Yes Yes No
Less separation anxiety Yes Yes Yes No
Personal meeting w/sitter Yes ? ? No
Thorough note taking Yes ? ? ?
Pet’s diet followed Yes ? ? No
Medications given Yes ? ? ?
Insulin injections Yes ? ? ?
Individualized care Yes Yes Yes No
Pet report left on each visit Yes No ? No
No extra exercise or walk fees Yes ? ? No
No exposure to diseases, fleas, etc Yes Yes Yes No
No cages (just your crate) Yes Yes Yes No
Accepts unneutered pets Yes ? ? No
Accepts all breeds-Yes! Pitbulls! Yes ? ? No
Care for cats Yes ? ? No
Care for reptiles Yes ? ? No
Care for hamsters Yes ? ? No
Care for horses Yes ? ? No
Care for ALL pets Yes ? ? No
Home checks, operates alarm Yes ? ? No
Key security enforced Yes ? ? No
Locksmith on call Yes ? ? No
Veterinarian on call Yes ? ? ?
Mail/Packages brought in Yes ? ? No
Plants watered Yes ? ? No
Lights turned on and off Yes ? ? No
Blinds open and closed Yes ? ? No
Poop scooping Yes ? ? No
Transport to vet Yes ? ? ?
Offers groom services too Yes No No ?
Client survey after completion Yes No ? ?
STAFF Yes No No ?
Criminal Background checks Yes No ? ?
References checked Yes No ? ?
CT drivers license check Yes No ? ?
Licensed groomers Yes No No ?
Experienced pet caregivers Yes ? ? ?
Vet techs on staff Yes No ? ?
Trained in Pet CPR/First Aid Yes ? ? ?
Trained in handling of all pets Yes No ? ?
Bonded & Insured Yes No ? ?
Multiple staff always available Yes No No ?
On call backup always available Yes No ? ?
Courteous office staff Yes No No ?
Office w/regular hours Yes No No ?
Dedicated, informative office staff Yes No No ?
Prompt return calls & emails Yes No ? ?
Professional website Yes No ? ?
Text,email,blog,voicemail system Yes No ? ?
Accepts online reservations Yes No ? ?
Accepts credit cards Yes No ? ?
Accepts Paypal Yes No ? ?